Research on mediation services around the country clearly demonstrates that when individuals, families, corporations, and departments of government use alternatives to trial, they experience the following benefits:

  1. Greater SATISFACTION with the procedure and the outcome
  2. Faster Resolution that brings Savings in TIME and MONEY
  3. Reduced Mental and Physical anguish
  4. CONFIDENTIAL processes and settlements outside of the public record
  5. Higher in pocket settlements with a faster and higher rate of payment
  6. Lower out of pocket charges
  7. Ability to be able to put the conflict behind them and proceed with their business or lives without the cloud of conflict hanging over you

Are you a Company with a backlog of cases; an individual or company with a dispute; Mediator; or someone that may want to become a Mediator? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, you are on the right website!  Fill out the applicable form stating your need and submit it to us and we will be able to have one of our professional advisors contact you with the best course of action.

Turning Point Mediation Practice (TPMP) offers free quotes and free initial consultation to better understand the need of the mediator, aspiring mediator, individual, and/or company in dispute or wanting to avoid a conflict.  You can rest assured the matter will be handled professionally and totally confidentially.

TPMP is a problem solving entity committed to the following:

  • bringing about positive resolutions

  • turning confrontation and conflict into cooperation

  • separating the person(s) from the problem

  • focusing on interests

  • providing options for mutual gain, using objective criteria




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